Immediate ways you can help 

SBCC Maui Relief Fund

This helps us prepare to respond to needs, distribute support, and send relief teams

as we’re presented with opportunities.

EFCA Maui Wildfire Response 

An evangelistic & discipleship-focused disaster relief ministry that establishes a

long-term presence in the community through the local church.

Hope Chapel Maui Fire Relief

We're partnering with this local church in Kihei through a personal connection to their staff to support the community with their food bank, showers, supplies, and

activities at shelters.

Ways you can pray 


Comfort for those who are grieving the loss of loved ones, their homes, and their livelihoods


For those who are still missing family members

First Responders

For our first responders who are still responding to fires that are not yet contained


Safe travels to Lahaina to deliver supplies


Wisdom on how to walk alongside and minister

to people who are hurting

Prayer Request

Mission Interest