Mission Care Communities

Members of our Care Communities can help to pray, check-in with our missionaries, write letters, assemble care packages and more. 

Andy & Elissa

Andy & Elissa work with Wycliffe Bible Translators in South Asia. Andy helps translate languages into Bibles for the first time. Elissa helps to create languages where none exist for natives with the hope that language will eventually be used for a Bible. They have three kids and Elissa came to our VBS this year to help share about missions for our little ones! 



  • Praise that Andy is part of a team translating the Bible into a new language and they just had a positive first check on Revelation 8-13 and John chapters 1-3.
  • Praise that funding was approved for two new Bible translation projects.
  • Please pray for Elissa to have peace as she preps her orthography class
  • Please pray for Elissa as she has been battling some health issues.  This has been a challenge for the family.  The doctors are still trying to fully diagnose the issue.
  • Pray for Andy as he travels to the conference in Dallas and for Elissa and the kids while Andy is away

Nagata Family

Ian and Chihiro have church planted in Japan. Ian was the worship pastor at Evergreen SGV for several years before he moved to Japan and Chihiro grew up abroad and went to school at USC. They met in Japan and now run a church and spread the gospel through a songwriting community that creates original japanese worship songs! They have two young daughters. 



They are currently working alongside a church plant with the hopes they will launch next year. Pray that this process would be beneficial for both churches. Ian also asked that a continual prayer for him and his family is that they would abide in Christ in all areas of their lives.

Roy & Jocelyn 

Roy and Jocelyn along with their son Matthew, started a church in Bohol, Philippines, SBCC Bohol! They support children, youth and their community by providing for their many needs. They support local pastors and raise up leaders to spread the gospel and Christ's love! 



  • Pray for God to provide land for an SBCC Bohol church location.  Also that they would be able to identify a pastor who could shepard this church.
  • Pray for endurance and strength to keep serving despite persecutions.

Ryan & Shannon

Currently working in South Asia, their vision and desire is to see churches planted in every single people group and every single place. They reside in areas where Christianity and the Bible are outlawed. Their hope is to raise up leaders to share the gospel to indigenous groups and plant churches. They have two little ones and one more on the way next year!



They have been investing in training locals to understand the Gospel and share with those who don’t know Christ. Now they will be reconnecting with those they trained to see if they feel confident to share the Gospel on their own. Please pray that the training will go well and the equipping process will be fruitful. Also please pray for Shannon and her pregnancy as the newest addition to the family is coming early next year.

Steven & Sharon Chan 


  • Prayer for clarity and discernment with where to serve on the mission field: go to East Asia or reach East Asians in Mexico
  • Pray God would bring us good ministry partners to support us and pray for us. 
  • Pray that we would trust God to provide for our aging family members while we're gone.

Loving One By One Ministries:

Sherry and Ken Roberts (Uganda)


  • Please pray for a quick recovery for Ken who recently suffered a heart attack.
  • LOBO is looking to build a larger birthing centre with a praise that the architectural drawings have been approved.  Please pray that the ground-breaking would happen soon and all would go smoothly with the construction process.