Journey with us as we learn about the life and ministry of Jesus

We invite you to our services to receive your journal. We don't have enough journals for you to take for your friends and family, so please bring them to church to get their own copy! If you cannot come to our services, feel free to download the pdf versions down below.

Fillable PDF

Follow along and journal

on your computer or mobile device  

Printable PDF

Print the journal here

(please note, there are 104 pages)

Reading Plan PDF

Follow along with our reading plan in your own journal!


We’re launching special 90-day growth groups to coincide with our study of Mark! 

These groups will…

-run from now through Easter Sunday, March 31

-potentially continue beyond this sermon series if the group desires 

-focus on knowing and growing in Jesus in a relational context

If you'd like to join a group, please click below to register for a group.