Fitness Classes

Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday nights

*See below for each class description and to sign-up

New years resolutions?

If you have any fitness-oriented new years resolutions and are looking for a way to connect and fellowship with others, join one of our fitness classes! From those who are experienced in working out to those who have very little experience but are looking for a way to stretch after working all day, we have a class for you! Each class will start the week of January 18, and will continue for four weeks. 


  • "Full-Body Strength and Cardio Circuit Training"
  • Starts Wednesday, January 20 at 6:30 pm. 4-week class
  • 55 minutes of strength and cardio circuit training taught by Erica Marsh, CPT. 
  • This class uses weights for strength training and bodyweight. (or any household items like water or laundry detergent bottles) There will be short and sharp cardio to build strength and burn fat. It is recommended for those that have some level of fitness.


  • "Fresh Start Fitness"
  • Starts Thursday, January 21 at 6:30 pm. 4 -week class
  • Geared towards those who would like to start off with a slower paced, get fit level of exercise.
  • 30 minute class that includes warm-up, cardio, light strength training and worship taught by Irene Tamaki
  • Recommended things to have are a yoga mat, towel, water, 1-2 lb weights, resistance exercise band, chair, table/counter top. 
  • You can use water bottles for your weights or use no weights at all. Many options so that everyone can participate!


  • "I Sit All Day" 
  • Starts Friday, January 22 at 6:30 pm. 4-week class
  • 30 mins of stretching to work out the tightness and soreness that can happen after sitting all day or from lack of activity. Taught by Mark Nitake DPT. Some stretching will involve laying on your stomach, side and back.