Our Response to Racial Injustice

SBCC’s Commitment to Racial Equality

 In light of the killing of George Floyd and other injustices committed based on race, we as a church family strive to see the Gospel bring transformative change in our congregation, in our community, and beyond. Among the many ways that evil and hatred manifests in our world today, racism is one in which we hope to see ongoing repentance and change. We believe that all lives equally matter to our God and Creator. It is because He so loved the world, that He gave us His Son (John 3:16). It is with such belief that we have also declared that “Black lives matter”, inferring that as much as black lives matter to God and should equally matter to all people, they have not been historically treated like they do. To declare that “Black lives matter” is a literal statement, and not a political affiliation with any organization. In fact, we do not affiliate with or condone the unbiblical positions of the Black Lives Matters organization. The heart behind our church's message is to declare that Black lives are precious to God, just as much as any other skin color and ethnic background. 

We are committed to seeing the Word of God preached and the Kingdom expand to include people of all races, generations, genders, and socioeconomic backgrounds. We seek to be a church that helps people not only love God, but to also love others so purely, that we accurately reflect the heart of our Creator and the Kingdom of Heaven. 

Part of our commitment to racial equality is to provide the church with resources that will enable us to listen, learn, and love. We will have a list of resources soon, and we encourage you to listen to, learn from, then live out.