Friday, October 30: 6-7:15 PM

For families with toddler-elementary school aged children


Get to know the other families of SBCC during our Ohana Virtual Pumpkin Carving Party! "Bring" your pumpkins and costumes for a night of fun and fellowship with your children! Please no scary costumes like ghosts, zombies, monsters and witches. Register by October 25!


Suggested Supply List (can be found at Dollar Tree or 99 Cent Stores):

- Pumpkin carving kit/tools (These kits include flexible carving knives which are highly recommended)

Real or plastic mini candles


Optional Supplies

- Pumpkin stencils (can be purchased or downloaded for free online) 

- Sharpie for tracing

- Large bowl to discard pumpkin guts 

- Newspaper or table cloth to line your table


*You can watch this video to get down the basics of how to carve a pumpkin


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