How do I download the SBCC app?
For Apple iPhone and iPad users, you can download here. 
For Android Smart Phone and Tablet users, you can download here. 
Will the app replace YouVersion Bible app for weekend message notes?  
For the time being, we will continue to provide weekend message notes on YouVersion Bible App.  But, we plan to completely transition out from YouVersion to the SBCC App.  
Where can I find an archive with past message notes?  
Go to the "Bible" tab, then click on "Sermon Notes Archive". Our past message outlines will be available there.  
For weekend services, can I use the SBCC App instead of the Baywatch handouts for announcements and message notes? 
Yes, the app will serve as a carbon copy of the weekend service Baywatch on a digital format.  
When I click on the “Giving" tab, it leads me to  Is this a new online giving platform?
Yes, we have transitioned our online giving platform to PushPay.  If you have been giving online in the past, we have notified you via email with easy step-by-step instructions.  If you are new to online giving, there is a quick sign up process when you click on the “Giving” tab in the app.   For more inquiry on online giving, please contact  .
Is the app only for smart phones?
The SBCC app can be utilized from your Apple or Android smart phones or tablets i.e. iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Amazon Fire. 
When searching for “SBCC” on the app store, it shows up as “SBCC - Bluebridge Churches”.   Is SBCC affiliated with these churches?  
No, SBCC has no affiliations with Bluebridge Churches.  Bluebridge is the app developing company that helped develop our church app.   
For more detailed questions about the app, who can I ask? 
You can contact us at