Here at South Bay Community Church, we are passionate about helping people find and follow Jesus Christ!  And whether you are new to SBCC, new to the faith or a long time Christ-follower, we want to help you take that next step in your spiritual growth.


Next Steps is a simple three-step process to help you get plugged into the life at SBCC. 


On a given weekend, we invite you to stop by the Next Steps booth to meet our team, our pastors and other leaders to get you acquainted with the church.  From here, you will be guided through a simple three step process along with a small gift from us! 

Next Steps

Step 1

Discovery Class


Discovery is a introduction to South Bay Community Church!  Here, you will learn how the church began, where we are now and where we are headed according to our mission, vision and core values.   

Step 2

Get rooted in faith


Foundations is a four week course to help you learn what we believe here at SBCC.  There are basic topics covered each week tackling questions such as “Who is God?”, “Who is the Holy Spirit?”, “How do I grow as a Christ-follower?” and “How do I engage as Christ-follower?”. 

Step 3

Engage the community

Get plugged in. You can learn more of the various serving opportunities and ways to get into a Life Group (small group).  All the dates for Next Steps courses are available online at or you can find it in the SBCC app.

Class Schedule

Our next round of classes will begin with Discovery on Wednesday, December 5, 2019! Stay tuned for more Foundations Classes.