Being a member formally identifies one with our church family and creates a greater sense of community and commitment. Belonging to a church provides a level of accountability as members uphold the following commitments to one another and our church: 

  • To protect the unity of the church by acting in love towards each other, refusing to gossip, and supporting and following the leaders.
  • To share in the responsibility of the church by attending faithfully, praying for its growth, and giving financially to support the work of the church.
  • To serve in the ministry and mission of the church by discovering and using their spiritual gifts from God.  




Membership Requirements

At South Bay Community Church, we recognize the importance of membership although it is not a requirement in order to attend our church and be actively involved. If you're interested in membership, please contact .

There are three requirements to become a member:

  1. Commit your life to Jesus Christ and trust Him for salvation.
  2. Be Baptized by immersion.
  3. Attend a Discovery Class to learn about the history, purpose, and vision for our church.