This Christmas, we are putting together a Blessing Bag Exchange for our church to connect with each other! Each family or individual will receive two bags. In the first bag, we want to you pack some of your favorite store-bought snacks (nothing homemade due to COVID-19) and a Christmas greeting. You will be assigned another family from our church to deliver your bag to! This is a Christmas exchange, so you will also receive a blessing bag from someone in our church.

The second bag will be for someone that is not from our church. It can be someone experiencing homelessness or is going through a tough time, a neighbor you want to share Jesus with, or anyone you just want to bless! 

Registration is required, so please sign-up below. 

December 6: Last day to register to participate. 

December 12 and 13: Empty bag pick-up available from 10:30 am to noon

December 24: Last day to deliver your blessing bag to your assigned family

Sign up for the Blessing Bag Exchange


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